"Through the weekly coaching sessions that I have had with Eduardo, I experienced that the changes in my life are possible. Eduardo's professionalism and his wasy of focusing on what is important have helped me surpass difficulties that, at the beginning, I believed impossible to resolve. I have been able to visualize my possibilities of action, from what I AM, from what I AM ABLE, and from what I AM WORTH as a person. All this has improved my self-estem, allowing me to be open to other possibilities with myself and with others. Concretely, I have been able to focus in my goals and real objectives regarding my life, particularly in my personal and emotioanl matters."

Carmen Froener, Educational Physocholist. Argentina

"I have known Eduardo for a few years and he has a real gift of spirituality. His inner core is one that you rarely come across. Eduardo has a gift of listening for your brilliance. He knows you have the answers buried deep in your soul and he is able to bring them to the surface. Eduardo is easy to talk to and he is able to keep you focused on your mission for great results. I have never met anyone who truly listens and understands people as well as he does. I would reccommend him to anyone who is seeking answers and growth."

Laurie Faulkner, Interior Designer, USA

"Eduardo's coaching is an opening up experience. He shows you how to place special attention on the present and how to experience what you are feeling in the moment. Meanwhile, you discover the truth of what you are really saying. Through his coaching I became more aware of myself and my intention in life, allowing me to achieve better results. You leave the appointment with tools that allows you to change your actions and your behaviors, to make your life easier."

Martha Ortega, Business Owner, Argentina.

From Individuals

"Eduardo's ability to guide and direct me on my path through both turbulent and successful times has given me such self empowering tools that I continue to utilize daily. I'm still astounded by his innate accuracy to pinpoint underlying issues and with his guidance was able to find my own approach and most effective tools to eradicate blocks and move past them." January 16, 2007.

From Coaches

"Eduardo helped me during my learning process to become a Certified Coach. From the begining, he is able to create the right environment that enables you to feel confortable and learn, using his human warmth and knowledge. He provides you with powerful feedback, in terms of both a general view about where you are, and also specific actions you can work on and grow. He is always oriented to your development."

From Businesses

"I've always enjoyed talking to Eduardo. He's both a good listener and speaker." November 7, 2008

"Eduardo is not only a natural educator and coach, he is a good writer. Eduardo has enhanced several Inside Look Publications with his writings, giving our readers something completely different than they would get anywhere else. Eduardo is easy to work with because he is always having fun. You can't help but to feel uplifted after spending time with him because his intentions are always for the good of everyone around him. He seems to have a quick and clear route to success to share with those around him." June 26, 2009.